About Me

Cynthia Bassett Hartwig is a renowned finance expert and strategic thinker with extensive experience in the manufacturing and biomedical research sectors. She stands at the helm of Business Strategy, LLC, a fractional CFO firm that delivers on-demand financial acumen and advice to emerging startups and small enterprises.

As a fractional CFO, she empowers clients to navigate financial hurdles, spur growth, refine strategies, enhance cash flow, and hit ambitious profit margin goals. Her expertise spans diverse industries, including biotechnology, healthcare, online commerce, and technology. She's played a pivotal role in numerous practical business growth efforts.

With a solid foundation in accounting and finance, she brings years of diverse experience across various roles and functions. Her dedication lies in assisting entrepreneurs and small business proprietors to realize their financial aspirations. She upholds that fractional CFO services are cost-effective solutions that maintain quality and commitment. She aims to forge lasting, trust-based relationships with her clients, marked by transparency and mutual respect.

Professional Credentials

A strategic and insightful finance expert based in California and Minnesota, she is a certified CPA, accredited by both the California Board of Accountancy and the Minnesota Board of Accountancy.

Furthermore, she is an esteemed member of the AICPA, the American Institute of CPAs, the largest professional association for accountants worldwide.

Now, Cynthia Bassett Hartwig decided to retire her CPA license in California because she now lives in Minnesota, but she has kept her Minnesota license active.


Cynthia Bassett Hartwig